A brief look at Zaki Hashmi's life, work and inputs

Early Influences

Zaki Hashmi born into a buisness family his grandfather late kamil hashmi and his grandfather ghazi hashmi tehsil.nagina distt .bijnor(up) with landlord background having “natural forest honey merchant” commercials, bijnor(uttar pradesh) zaki hashmi was completely inclined towards music and films from the very beginning. says mr.hashmi “as a 2years kid i was used to wake up everytime on hearing the immortal voice Mohd rafi on radio na matter i how tired i would have been.I recall the first few fims Laila majnu sholey, Mard that i started imitating and observation around the age of 4. My mother zareena aaqil hashmi played the role of my first mentor. she hereself was a great communicator and her mastering in incredible pr skills me. At the age of 8 when other kids of my age start their first step toward learmimg the Qaaeada.i completed all chapters of the holy QUARAAN.to boast a little Delivering” the azaan at the local mosque the tarranum and pitch of my voice used to catch hold the attention of not only the namaazis but also the neighbours not connected to my religion when listening to radio. I heard the shows of the legendary broadcaster Ameen sayani saheb.it was a great way to grow up!”

LIVE Stage Performance

Zaki used to participate in every cultural activity taking place in his school.Theater presentation and acting attracted him a lot.He used to play and take -up any available role just for sake of presenting himself in front of the audience. His first “paid” public appearence merely fetched him Rs.200/-only for imitating the voice of Amitabh Bachan was in the year 1988 at an event held in Chandigarh.From there, there was no U-turn for him. He went ahead for stage presentation and took up many freelance assignments. From small time-job like campaigning for elections to corporate presentations, he anchored uncountable shows in and around Chandigarh

Commercial Radio Broadcasting

by the end of twentieth century, Zaki started him momentum towards the radio. on 16Th june 2001 he was invited for as celebrity for a radio interview hosted by Mr.jaineder singh who was a programme producer of chandigarh station (103.1 FM, all india radion; Programme titled Tarang).From the same year zaki himself hosting and presenting the radio programmes on all india radio(chandigarh) starting from baaton baaton mein during 2001. in one of the events by Chandigarh Institute of performing Arts, zaki was awarded with the titel of ”Chandigarh ka Ameen Sayani” while LIC of india titeld his talent as ‘Awaz ka Jaddugar’. He has great regards for Mr.K C Dubey, former station director (AIR Chandigarh), the insipirational soul who helped zaki in identifying his hidden voice talent. Most popular shows Mindmax lamhe in 2006 broadcast. by all india radio, Chandigarh and most popular radio shows Lamhe Zaki Hashmi ke saath broadcasted since 2009 to 2010 on air rainbow fm 102.6 and 102.6 FM Gold Delhi.Much radio spot jingles ads, documentry voice over, production and narration recorded. The famous light and sound show of the Ramayana narreted by Zaki Hashmi at dikhsant school, Punchkula. With in-buit processors like incredible meomry power, understanding of music , gifted and self-honed voice, he simultaneously started exploring his deep love for voice and education “as a teacher,I started mentoring students of Madhumati Film Academy with sessions conducted a Dara studios, Mohali” It was his underlying interest as well that made him identify and unearth the curriculum and training of VOICE CULTURE. Apparently, Mr. Zaki Hashmi has got an amazing vocal talent and unique way of making a connection his audience. he is associated as guest trainer with of famous institutes and universities and has taught more than thirtyfive thousands of students.

List of few of the Insitutions Universities Academies Where taught:

-chitkara university mass comunication department
chaudhary charan singh univesity meerut
-ifti meerut
-Asian Academy of Films &Tv, Noida Delhi -National Insitute of mass Communication, Delhi
-YMCS Insitute of Media Studies
– Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan, Delhi
-Academy of Radio Managment(ARM), Delhi
-Mahatma Gandhi State Insitute, Punjab
.administration, sector 26 Chandigarh -Chitkara Network 1 Academy, sector9, Chandigarh
-Asian Academy of Films &Tv, Noida
-Indian Films&Tv Insitute, Meerut
-Academy of Broadcasting, Chadigarh
-Media Active, Chandigarh
-Media Pathsala, Chandigarh _CIFT, Chandigarh
-Insitute of Technology & Future Management Trends(ITFT), Chandigarh
-Desh Bhagat Group, Mandi Gobindgarh
-Mad Arts, Mohali -JIMS Rohini, Delhi
-MY Dream Academy, Chandigarh
-RK Films & Media Academy, New Delhi
-Mind Max Media Academy, Chandigarh
-National Broadcasting
Academy, Jain Studios, Delhi -Carrer Zone, Delhi & jalandhar
-Take one School of Mass Communications, Delhi
-Shashi Films, Chandigarh
-Chirag Kala Academy, Panchkula
-Moving Media Workshop
-Hansraj College, New Delhi
-Miranda house, Delhi University
-Member of Chandigarh Sahitya Academy, Chandigarh
-Member of Adab Foundation, Chandigarh
-Member of Sahitya Academy, Delhi

The Proposal

Being a seasoned profession, Zaki Hashmi propose your esteemed to help your learners in identifying their own niche througout these years; Mr.Hashmi has noticed the technological developments in students while sometimes they lag behind inter-personal communication skills.

The course curriculum and content of voice culture course shall prepare any learner of any course to improvise self:
-Voice modulation
-Delivery of Words -style

Training contents and improve modules

-range of voice
-scale and pitch
-dialect and regional language
-PR Skills, public speaking, demonstrating the staging skills
-speech and presentation -pauses , breath control, rhythm
-Rejected voice, shivering, dry voice, stammering, overlap voice, trembling voice, nasal voice, weak voice and breaking voice

Media Studies Training Schedule Certificate courses and deploma

-fresh acting certificate course (duration 2 months)
-live anchoring certificate course(duration 2 months)
-radio jockeing(duration 2 months)
-news reading(duration 2 months)
-radio productions(duration 2 months)
-interview hostingcertificates(duration 2 months)

deploma courses

-radio broadcast journalism (6 months)
-The incredible voice culture (6 months)
-voice professional (6 months)
-media professional (6 months)
-dubbing & V.O professional (6 months)



#352,Phase 2, Bapu Dham Colony Sector26, Chandigarh

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